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Considering a Switch from Heating Oil to Propane?

Consumer concerns about market volatility in the heating oil market

Below are some things to consider if you are in the market to convert your system, while earning some savings!

*We partner with Liberty Propane to introduce customers to another well run fuel business that takes care of customers and provides 1st class service.  Our Customer Service folks will get you setup with an account once the conversion is completed.

Converting a home’s fuel source from oil to propane may not be as complicated as you think. A propane boiler can be easily integrated into an existing oil heating delivery system, so the time and initial cost of conversion can be significantly reduced. Propane and heating oil are both stored onsite, but only propane can be stored in a hidden underground tank. And unlike heating oil, propane can be used for other systems in your home, such as cooking, clothes drying, fireplaces, and standby power generation. Propane also won’t cause damage or contaminate groundwater the way oil can if it’s spilled.


4 Reasons Why a Propane Conversion is a Great Option

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