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Benefits of Home Heating Oil

Why Heating Oil is the Right Choice for You

The benefits of home heating oil might surprise you.  If you’ve been convinced that the best way to heat your home is with electric baseboard heaters, you might have missed something that could save you a lot of money, while also helping the environment.

A lot has been said about using electric baseboard heaters as a clean alternative to home heating oil, but a lot has been left out, too!

Did you know that electric baseboard heaters simply do not circulate air like the forced-air heat you get from a typical oil furnace?  Furnaces that use home heating oil draw in the cool, damp, stale air that settles to the floors in a typical house and run it all through a filter before dynamically forcing the heated air out into every area of the house.  The air in your home is constantly cycled through the filter, creating a healthy environment throughout your home, and the mold spores are trapped in the disposable filter, rather than attaching themselves to your walls and furniture.

Electric heat only heats the air directly in front of and above them.  This is the only place where the air is really moving when baseboard heaters are used.  The air temperature in the home is slowly raised as the warmed air gradually blends with the cooler air, but it doesn’t move quickly and does not filter particles.  This is why mold is such a common problem in homes that have electric heat.

Even oil fired hot-water heat, though it does not move the air with a fan, by design still creates more air circulation around their radiators than baseboard heaters. This helps to keep outer walls warm and dry, which aids in preventing mold from starting.

Unlike some coal-fired electrical plants, home heating oil burns very clean in modern boilers or forced-air furnaces, is economical, and produces a very pleasant heat.  It is an excellent choice, especially in areas where it gets really cold.

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